Up and running!

So a month into going freelance and I’ve now set up my business as a limited company,with the highly original name of Tony Newboult Limited. I set the company up online using EAC Business Services,who I would highly recommend.

This of course meant setting up a company bank account, and enduring an hour’s interview while I went through the account opening process. For this I used Barclays, who handle my personal account.

I’ve started on my main contract at Oxford Brookes University, where I’m currently reviewing the Financial Regulations and supporting policies & procedures. I’ve also got involved in a couple of internal reviews and attended my first Audit Committee there earlier this month.

Talking of Audit Committees, tomorrow evening I’ll be at Holbeach University Academy, where I’ll be reporting to their Audit Committee and Board of Governors in my role as Responsible Officer.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of working at a University is being able to attend some of the lectures. Last week I attended the Chancellor’s Lecture at Oxford Brookes, with Shami Chakrabarti.







The lecture was entitled¬†Reflections on Human Rights and Children’s Literature,¬†and was most enjoyable. Amongst other readings, she read an extract from The Hunger Games, which is my daughter Devon’s favourite book, so needless to say I gloated via Twitter after the lecture!



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Hey there!

I’m Tony Newboult and this is my new blog. As you can see it’s in it’s infancy and I’ll be working on it over the next few weeks prior to me embarking on the next stage of my career. That next stage will be me starting my own consultancy business offering accountancy and internal audit services.

I’m currently employed as Finance Operations Manager at the University of Lincoln, a position I’ve held since December 2008 and from which I’ll be leaving on 21st December 2012.

Initially I’ll be posting on how I develop this site prior to starting my new venture, then I’ll be using this blog to sell my wares and ply my trade!

Whilst we’re talking about my trade can I just dispel one of the many myths about accountants – They’re not all boring! Okay, most of them are, but this one certainly isn’t!




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